Executive education: a new certificate in Economic and Strategic Intelligence


The new program focuses on Economic Intelligence and improving organizations' capacity to adapt to their environment.

The program is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of economic intelligence and the role it plays in organizations. Economic Intelligence, a broader based approach to competitive intelligence, provides essential strategic decision-making support to executives and managers; it helps them to better identify intangible risks and anticipate trends, it increases adaptability, and helps optimize market positioning.

Although the program is open to all practicing professionals, it is particularly tailored to the needs of executives, managers, and experts whose functions require them to deal regularly with a broad spectrum of stakeholders in France and internationally.

The program was developed by Fondation Paris-Dauphine's Economic Intelligence and Corporate Strategy Chair (IESO). It is co-coordinated by Stéphanie Damero (PhD in Management, Professor at Université Paris-Dauphine, and co-director of the Master's 2 program in General Policy and the Strategy of Organization) and Manuel Cartier, (PhD in Management and lecturer at Université Paris-Dauphine). 

The next session will be held on Thursday October 5th and Friday October 6th 2017.

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