Photography Exhibition: Les lignes Parisiennes (Paris Lines)


Dauphine and PSL students, faculty, and staff were all invited to participate in the 3rd annual Dauphine Photography competition, co-organized by le Student Creative Arts Council, the Dauphine Photo Club, La Plume, and the university.

The organizers chose a theme in tune with the times: Les Lignes Parisiennes (Paris Lines). Lines are everywhere in Paris – multiform, they transport us, cross paths and then sore upward. The theme inspired our participating photographers who captured a myriad of lines, curves, intersections, heights, buildings and train stations in a festive and carefree Paris, symbol of peace and love.

The 22 winners saw their photos exhibited on the gates of the Porte Dauphine campus, boulevard Lanne. The exhibition was inaugurated by Laurent Batsch, President of Université Paris-Dauphine.

The jury, including student and university representatives, chose 4 winners:

  • First prize: Florian Fouchan (Master's 2) for Le Sommet (the summit)
  • Second Prize: Florian Sikora (Lecturer) for Châtelet-les-Halles
  • Third Prize: Philippe Nguyen (Bachelor's year 2) for Croisements (intersections)
  • Jury Favorite award: Olga Mula Hernandez (lecturer) for Les lignes de la paix (the lines of peace)

Congratulations to both participants and prize winners! And … see you in front of the gates to admire these incredible photographs!