Fondation Paris-Dauphine: a donation = a tax deduction


Did you know that 66% of each donation made to Fondation Paris-Dauphine is deductible from you income tax (up to 20% of you taxable income)?

Did you know that in France 66% of the donations you make to recognized non-for-profit organizations can be deducted from you income tax (up to a maximum of 20% of your taxable income)? So, the actual after tax cost of a €100 contribution to Fondation Dauphine comes out to a mere only €34!
The tax incentive for charitable donations makes it possible for you to give back to the community while supporting an institution or cause that is particularly close to your heart.

Since it was created in 2008, Fondation Paris-Dauphine's mission has been to support the university's development and strengthen its international prestige. Thanks to the on-going and generous support of individual donors and corporate partners, the Fondation invests in innovative academic and research projects, supports the university’s initiatives to increase diversity and social inclusion and contributes to developing the institution’s excellence in all areas. For example, the Fondation has financed:

By choosing to give to Fondation Dauphine, you benefit from a tax deduction, but most of all you are investing in a major French socioeconomic driver, one with an international outlook that focuses on innovation and social responsibility. Your gift will be used to finance concrete projects whose goal it is to transform society through higher education.

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