Grand Finale of the Dauphine Lysias Mooting and Public Speaking Competitions


Lysias Conference Dauphine Mooting and Public Speaking Competitions: an exceptional evening with Dauphine law students, a prestigious jury and an audience of peers.

The room was cloaked in a near-religious silence, the tension palpable. Time seemed suspended in Université Paris-Dauphine's Raymond Aron auditorium where the audience was the only sign that this was a public event. The competitors, waiting two by two were ready, totally concentrated, and you could tell from their faces just how important the Lysias Dauphine Mooting finals are to them.

The 80 contestants, all 1st and 2nd year Dauphine Bachelor's students, had been preparing for months, competing in successive qualifying rounds before making it to the final face-off.

Their goal? Win the Dauphine Lysias ooting competition and go on to represent Paris-Dauphine in the Lysias Conference's National Championship, France's premier mooting competition.

An extraordinary final round

Over 200 spectators turned out in support of the contestants – motivated by the quality of the competitors, by the suspense of the competition itself, and by the exceptionally distinguished jury. Frank Berton, a prominent member of the Paris Bar and criminal lawyer who has defended Florence Cassez (a French citizen wrongly condemned and held in Mexico on kidnapping charges) and Salah Abdeslam( currently being held on terrorist charges), presided over the Mooting Jury. Other members included lawyers Charles Cazals of Cazals & Associés, Stéphane Baller of EY Société d'Avocats, and Nelson Dijoux Coquillas of White and Case LLP, as well as political figure Nicole Guedj, lawyer, humanitarian activist, and former French secretary of state (junior minister) for victims' rights.

Exuberant and vivacious contestants

The evening was all the more spectacular thanks to Dauphine's Public Speaking competition for 3rd year Bachelor's and Master's students, held at the same time as the Mooting final. Students debated, incisive and perspicacious, sometimes witty, sometimes caustic, but always vivacious, in front of a benevolent but uncompromising jury.

Kudos to Milo Fontaine and Stanislas Kulaga, winners of the Mooting Final in the 1st and 2nd year Bachelor's categories. And hearty congratulations to Kamel Derouiche – a 2nd year Master's student in Advanced Corporate Law (122) winner of the Public Speaking Competition 2017!

"The Dauphine Law Association is honored to have hosted the annual Dauphine Lysias Mooting and Public Speaking competitions on March 3rd 2017 in Paris-Dauphine's Raymond Aron amphitheater. We would like to congratulate all of the finalists on their excellent performance, thank all of the law professionals and Mrs. Nicole Guedj who generously accepted to take part in the competition's jury, the public for having turned out in number to encourage the contestants, Université Paris-Dauphine for making the Raymond Aron auditorium available to the competition, and all of the partners who made this event possible: Paris Sciences et Lettres (PSL), EY Société d’Avocats, Oxynomia Associés, Simon Associés, Capavocat, Dalloz, Lexis Nexis, Editions Francis Lefebvre, Lydia, and Dauphine Travel. Last but not least, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to Lysias National Conference and to its president, Théotime Aubert, former president of the Dauphine Law Association."

Théo Bellec-Bortot
Vice President Dauphine Law Association