Introducing Jobmaker - un new digital career development tool free to all Dauphine Alumni members


Our goal? Provide our alumni with career development support tailored to a professional world in constant flux.

The labor market is in transition: ever more digitized, fewer permanent contracts, more and more temporary contracts, greater geographic mobility … At the same time, our expectations are also changing: people want jobs to be meaningful, they are looking for professional fulfillment, want their work to be in sync with their values and demand a better balance between professional and personal life.

In fact today, careers increasingly alternate between work phases and periods of reflection. This new state of affairs requires a high level of adaptability and self-knowledge. That is why Dauphine Alumni has decided to provide our (dues paying) members with a career development tool that can serve them at all stages of their career and particularly in those moments of transition when support is most needed (just after graduation, at the end of a temporary contract, when changing jobs or making a career change).

Offer your expertise

Jobmaker's core concept: Modify the power balance between the individual and the job market by providing them with a tool that puts them in a position of someone offering expertise, skills and talents rather than a being a job-seeker. The tool also helps develop a clear and coherent pitch, essential to energizing one's network and making a successful professional transition.

Jobmaker is an innovative digital tool based on the techniques used by outplacement firms: an 8-step digital process designed to make users autonomous in their job searches. Users develop a professional project guided by on-line videos, practical exercises and self-coaching techniques. The method helps individuals identify their most important achievements, their main strengths and talents, what differentiates them from others and makes them unique.

Jobmaker's digital platform makes it possible for everyone to benefit from a personalized career development service!

For more information contact Dauphine Alumni: contactping @