JurisCampus and Dauphine Executive Education launch a 100% on-line real estate professional certification program


The digital revolution as well as new fiscal, legislative and regulatory measures are radically transforming the real estate industry. Our new 100% e-learning certification program is designed for all real estate professionals who need a comprehensive, operational training program to fulfill their continuing education requirements and validate their professional credentials while developing their skills and expertise.

Real estate professionals are experiencing major changes in how they work and how the market is structured, brought on by the digital revolution as well an evolving fiscal, legislative and regulatory landscape. To keep pace with these changes, professionals must consolidate and develop their skills.

Executive education: a prerequisite for renewing professional credentials

Pursuant to a French government order on executive education requirements for real estate professionals (decree n° 2016-173 of February 18, 2016) in effect since January 2017, to renew their professional credentials, all real estate professionals are now required to take an executive education course - 14 or 28 hours of training depending on the renewal date. The training course is mandatory. On completing the course, credentials will be renewed for 3 years.

An innovative program that takes advantage of all the latest eLearning techniques

The Real Estate Certificate is an entirely new program designed jointly by Université Paris-Dauphine and JurisCampus. It combines their expertise to meet the full scope of real estate executive education needs: law, finance, tax, economics, marketing and sales, ethics, and technical issues.
The program specifically targets real estate professionals (real estate agents, property managers, condominium associations …) who are required to renew their professional credentials in 2017 and 2018.

A flexible program compatible with professional obligations

The Real Estate Certificate is a distance learning program. Course material, exercises, and exams are all provided on-line. Participants have open access to the eLearning program 24/7 and advance at their own rhythm online via their PC, tablet or smartphone. Registration, tuition payments, affidavits and the executive education certificate are also managed entirely online.
The Dauphine-JurisCampus Real Estate Certificate offers real estate professionals a simple, comprehensive and high quality training program that allows them to meet the profession’s regulatory requirements while developing 360°expertise.

For more information on Université Paris-Dauphine’s Executive Education Real Estate Certificate, visit the program’s website: www.certificat-immobilier-dauphine.fr

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