The Paris-Dauphine library launches QoRAil, a new online document help tool


Are you searching for documents? This new online service, introduced in May, pledges to respond to your requests within 72 hours. Here’s how it works.

QoRAil is a free service for users in France, designed for anyone conducting document searches in the fields of economics and business management for research or professional purposes.

What resources would you recommend for writing my thesis on X? Where can I find the academic literature on the topic of Y? I’m conducting market research in the area of Z: whatever your document needs, the librarians at Paris-Dauphine will provide an answer within three business days.

Based on your query, librarians can suggest the most relevant search expressions with keywords in French and English, to ensure you get more results.

Those avenues for research are backed by bibliographical references that draw on a variety of sources, both fee-based (such as subscription databases) and free (Open Access, institutional websites, blogs), depending on the requester’s profile.

To learn more, visit QoRAiL.