PSL University: on track for the IDEX label


The Prime Minister has confirmed PSL University as a competitor for the government’s IDEX Initiative for Excellence label, awarded to a limited number of French world-class research universities. PSL’s IDEX funding has also been extended. The university now has 30 months to reach its goals in terms of institutional integration.

"We are delighted that PSL’s IDEX label and funding have been maintained. It is proof that the international jury and the French government are confident in the strength and pertinence of our project. For everyone who has contributed to the initiative, it is also an acknowledgement of their hard work and on-going achievements."
Isabelle Huault, President, Université Paris-Dauphine

The IDEX program’s purpose is to support the development of world-class multidisciplinary research universities in France. While the IDEX label provides institutions with significant funding and boosts their international appeal, it also provides them with an opportunity to rethink their academic and scientific project for the future.

PSL University is entering a new stage of the IDEX confirmation process, one that PSL intends to keep as short as possible. “We are on track to success. The French government and the jury have applauded our university’s scientific prowess, the maturity of our projects, and the relevance of our model” remarks Alain Fuchs. The President of PSL reiterated the university’s commitment to using this phase of the process to develop major research and academic programs and to accelerate the implementation of PSL’s common strategy.

PSL now has 30 months in which to demonstrate that we have achieved institutional integration. The final decision to award PSL the IDEX label will be made based on a streamlined desk review, not requiring an additional jury hearing – great news for PSL!

About PSL

Located in the academic heart of Paris, PSL combines academics and research, excellence, creativity, and innovation: 4,500 faculty and researchers, 181 research centers, 17,000 students, and some 10 incubators, fab labs, and coworking spaces for student entrepreneurs. PSL brings together the Arts, Sciences, Engineering, and the Humanities and Social Sciences in an institution devoted to academic and research excellence. PSL is a global institution, committed to equal opportunity and multidisciplinarity, where talents blossom, and where the best and the brightest are inventing the future.
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