The 2018 issue of The State of Management is now available!


Created by Université Paris-Dauphine’s researchers in management, The State of Management (l’État du Management) is an essential source for the latest in critical reflection in the field. This year’s issue focuses on the different aspects of “control” in and around organizations. On sale from March 15th.

Control is the central theme of the 2018 issue that looks at the question from the perspective of managerial practices. Contributing authors cover a variety of contemporary topics and analyze how the different stakeholders in a corporation control and/or are controlled by management: clients (managing the relationship or being managed by it), shareholders (via performance), employees who can be the object of controls (within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility for example), controllers (who can send out ethical alerts), or situations that escape control (the Kerviel-Société Générale debacle for example).

DRM, the Dauphine Center for Research in Management is dedicated to theoretical and applied, quantitative and qualitative research in all areas of management including marketing, strategy, finance, organizational theory, human resource management, information systems, accounting, control, and audit. It is one of France’s top research centers in the Management Sciences. DRM’s goal is to provide pertinent high-level research to nourish public debate and meet the needs of the business and economic communities.

The State of Management (l’État du Management) was produced under the joint direction of Valérie Guillard and Bruno Oxibar.

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