More and more Dauphine students are mobilized around today’s major societal challenges


Here and now, at Paris-Dauphine, our students are engaged in efforts to make the world a better place, day by day, one action at a time. Discover just a few of their initiatives:

Fleur de bitume: fighting against exclusion

Fleur de Bitume was founded in 1996, to fight against all forms of exclusion. The association divides its volunteer activities between three aid programs:

- Alpha : working with the French chapter of Singa, Fleur de Bitume volunteers offer 1.5 hours a week of French language lessons to officially recognized refugees.

- Scola : in partnership with the French NGO Entraide Scolaire Amicale, Scola provides academic support for students from underprivileged families who are struggling at school.

- Pain Perdu : every Sunday evening, student volunteers from Fleur de Bitume meet outside Paris’ Gare de Lyon for a Help the Homeless Round, where they provide food, clothing, and a bit of human warmth to the city’s growing homeless population.

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Go To Togo: : solidarity initiative in favor of Togo’s youth

Go to Togo was founded in 2001. The association engages in fundraising to finance secondary school construction projects in Togo, and initiatives to develop access to education in rural areas. Every summer, student volunteers go there to help with construction and provide educational support.

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Cheer Up: supporting young cancer patients

Cheer Up devotes its efforts to helping young cancer patients between the ages of 15 and 30. Cheer Up volunteers visit patients weekly. Their goal is not only to exchange and share but also to open up horizons by building a joint project with each person they visit. The association organizes meetings with well-known personalities, sewing classes, Paris visits ….. A wide variety of activities that contribute to helping them fight their cancer.

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Dauphine Durable: raising awareness of the importance of preserving our resources

Dauphine Durable (sustainable Dauphine) aims to make every individual conscious of their environmental footprint and the consequences of wasting resources. They organize regular awareness-raising initiatives for the entire Dauphine community (students, faculty, researchers and staff) including sustainable breakfasts and other food-related events using recycled, fair trade and organic products, eco-friendly awareness workshops, a multiannual anti-waste awareness program, and the university’s annual Green Week.

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Dauphine Solidarité Handicap: fighting bias

In addition to organizing the university’s Disability Week, Dauphine Solidarité handicap is behind numerous events throughout the year designed to raise general awareness of the challenges that face disabled students, faculty and staff. They collect donations for the Téléthon, give introductory courses in sign language and to handisports (wheelchair basketball, handisoccer, wheelchair table tennis), and train students in disability management leading to a handimanager certification.

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NOISE Dauphine: : promoting social and environmental innovation

NOISE Dauphine, the campus branch of the Nouvel Observatoire des Innovations Sociales et Environnementales (new observatory for social and environmental innovation) works to promote innovations that offer solutions to today’s social and environmental challenges through conferences, film screening, and debates. NOISE also organizes solution building workshops and accompanies social entrepreneurs.

For more information, watch their vidéo de présentation and follow their impact journalism blog.

Paris-Dauphine, THE place to be for discussions and debates

In the fifteen years since its creation, Dauphine Discussion Débat has helped make Paris-Dauphine one of Paris’s major platforms for societal debates. Throughout the year, major public figures from the political and economic world come to share their experience, discuss and debate with our students: Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, Emmanuel Macron, Margrethe Vestager, Christiane Taubira, Benjamin Griveaux, Plantu, Christophe Barbier, Frédéric Oudéa, Xavier Niel... Each debate opens with a colorful, and sometimes slightly controversial, presentation of the guest speaker that launches the debate.

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La Ruche qui dit oui Paris-Dauphine: promoting local and seasonal consumption

La Ruche qui dit oui is a platform that connects consumers with small producers and farmers who produce organic products and sell via short distribution circuits. The Paris-Dauphine chapter, launched by students from the Master’s in Distribution and Customer Relations program, is the only student-run chapter in France. The association offers the Dauphine community and public a selection of high quality, local products at competitive prices. Their goal: promote local, seasonal consumption, and high-quality artisanal products.

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La Spi Dauphine, a socially responsible sailing regatta

Since 1981, in partnership with the Fédération Française Handisport (French handisports federation), Spi Dauphine has organized an annual sailing regatta in the Mediterranean that integrates disabled crew members with experienced sailing crews. This year, “Le Chant des Dauphins” association will carry out an awareness raising initiative for the crews and will offer children a chance to see dolphins in the wild.

For over 10 years now, Spi Dauphine has engaged in a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach that aims to limit the regatta’s environmental footprint.

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