CNRS bronze medal for Benjamin Lemoine, researcher in Sociology and Political Economics


The CNRS has awarded its Bronze Medal to Benjamin Lemoine, researcher at Université Paris-Dauphine’s IRISSO research center.

Benjamin Lemoine is specialized in Sociology and Political Economics. His research focuses on public debt and the relationship between governments and globalized capital markets. In late 2013, he joined IRISSO, the joint Paris-Dauphine/PSL/CNRS Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in the Social Sciences, as a CNRS researcher. Prior to IRISSO, Benjamin Lemoine carried out 2 years of post-doctoral research at Science Po’s Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO) and at IFRIS, where he completed a study entitled Rating nations. A Sociological Perspective on Evaluating Sovereign Financial Risk, supervised by Olivier Borraz.

In 2013, he received the French Association for Political Science’s Best Thesis Award for work in the field of Public Policy Assessment for his thesis entitled The value of national debt. How governments deal with public debt. Benjamin prepared his thesis at Mines ParisTech’s Center for the Sociology of Innovation, under the joint supervision of Michel Callon and Yannick Barthe.

The CNRS Bronze Medal is awarded in recognition of a researcher’s first significant work that sets him/her apart as a talented expert in his/her field and is meant to encourage researchers to pursue promising research that has already produced results.