New Executive Master's in Statistics and Big Data (executive and continuing education)


Become a Data Scientist !

The advent of Big Data offers new perspectives to businesses interested in leveraging the vast amount of information they collect on a daily basis. The question is no longer "should we use the data?" but rather "How can we leverage the data and what is the most efficient way to process it?" That being said, Big Data is voluminous, heterogeneous and raw – it requires processing and analysis before it can be used as a decision support tool. Data Scientists do just that - they design and use processes and systems to extract useful knowledge from Big Data. Data Scientists are increasingly sought-after by employers, particularly in the insurance, banking, retail distribution, e-commerce, data processing and telecom industries.

Université Paris-Dauphine, a French benchmark in applied mathematics, will launch its Executive Master's in Statistics and Big Data this coming January 2017. Designed to train future Data Scientists, the program targets practicing professionals with a background in mathematics who wish to further their training in applied mathematics and acquire a solid Data Scientist skill set in modeling, analyzing and processing Big Data.

Dauphine's Executive Master's in Statistics and Big Data provides participants with comprehensive training in applied mathematics and an understanding of all the statistical issues they may encounter professionally. Students are introduced to the most up-to-date statistical methods and study real world cases illustrating the best (and most efficient) current practices in marketing, actuarial services, and finance. The program also emphasizes the intellectual, ethical and professional qualities of rigor and diligence required to be a good, or excellent, Data Scientist.

Dauphine's Executive Master's in Statistics and Big Data is a joint initiative between Université Paris-Dauphine and CEREMADE, Dauphine Center for Research in Decision Mathematics. CEREMADE brings together world-renowned scholars in the field of Applied and Decision Mathematics.

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