New-York, Dauphine's Brooklyn College program welcomes its 4th cohort


40 Dauphine Bachelor's students in Applied Economics have begun their semester at Brooklyn College before going on to an internship New York's financial sector.

Some of our students headed East, others West. Just before their comrades left for a semester in Shanghai, 40 third-year arrived in a snow-covered New York City and entered the halls of Brooklyn College where they will be spending their 2nd academic semester.

This is the fourth consecutive year, that Bachelor's in Economics students specialized in Financial Engineering are able to spend the the second semester of their 3rd year studying at the Brooklyn College of City University New York (CUNY). That brings the total number of students who have taken advantage of this innovative program to 160.

Classes include standard Paris-Dauphine courses taught by Dauphine faculty, one Brooklyn College class, and evening sessions taught by practicing banking professionals. Like its younger Shanghai sister, academic courses are concentrated at the beginning of the semester giving students the opportunity to complete their experience with an internship that can last up to 6 months.

Thanks to the active support of the NYC French Chamber of Commerce, and our dynamic New York alumni, the program offers students a "professional orientation week" to help them understand the professional and social codes specific to the U.S. financial market.

The program gives students first-hand academic and professional experience in the United State – a clear competitive advantage and differentiating factor when applying for a Master's degree program.

If truth be told, it is quite easy to get students to go to New York, but it's another thing to get them to come back!