October 30th & 31st 2013 – Doctoral Symposium


Université Paris-Dauphine welcomes a Doctoral Symposium organized by the Vietnamese 'Association des Scientifiques et Experts' and its partner organizations……

The Symposium will be held in the presence of His Excellency, M. DUONG Chi Dung, Ambassador of Vietnam to France and Professor Arnaud RAYNOUAR, Vice President of Université Paris-Dauphine


Prof. BOSI Stefano, Deputy Scientific Director, CNRS, Topic: “How to Write and Publish a Research Paper in Economics”

Prof. DANG Van Ky, Ecole Polytecnique. Topic: ”Friction, cyclic loading: two key questions in studying damages induced by contact between solids” 

Dr. BITARD Pierre, Advisor, ANRT. Topic: “FutuRIS, a French Research and Innovation System and Ph.D. Researchers”

Prof. LEVY Aldo, CNAM Paris, Topic: “How to Succeed in Writing a Ph.D. Thesis”

Dr. MASSIN Patrick, Director, LaMSID. Topic: “Why is there a Need for Mechanics and Computational Mechanics at EDF and How is this Research Funded”

Dr. RIBAS Mélanie, Adjunct Director, ABG-Intelli'agence. Topic: “Job Market for Ph.D. Researchers”

Dr. TRAN Nhu Cuong, Engineer - Researcher, EDF R&D. Topic: "Research & Development in Industrial Groups. Illustration on the Energy Industry - EDF R&D"

Dr. TRAN-THI Thu Hoa, Research Director, CNRS. Topic: “From Basic to Applied Research and Technology Transfer”

The Symposium is open to all.

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