Paris-Dauphine grants three interest-free honor loans to start-ups from its incubator


The three loan recipients are incubated by D-Incubator, Fondation Dauphine's start-up incubator.

The Fonds Paris-Dauphine grant committee decided to attribute 3 new honor loans to start-ups from Dauphine's D-Incubator. The Fonds Paris-Dauphine (Paris-Dauphine Fund) is co-financed by Fondation Dauphine and the Caisse des Dépôts.

Honor loans are interest-free and can represent up to 40,000€ per project. They provide much-needed cash to start-up entrepreneurs who can thus increase their total equity, which in turn gives them access to additional financial resources (subsidies, bank loans, equity fundraising) and makes it possible to launch their activity.

  • Citodiis an automatic dispatch system for parcel post and courier transport companies.
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  • Jobset is a linking platform for businesses and qualified web developers that functions via an reverse auction system. Highly qualified, demanding developers can use Jobset to find jobs that correspond to their profile, specialties and ambitions.
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  • Smart Monument is a hardware + software streaming solution that uses a physical transmitter (the Smart Monument Streaming Box) to broadcast sound to tens of smartphones at the same time without using an internet connection, thanks to its proprietary mobile app.
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