Paris-Dauphine: among the world's top universities for Mathematics and Finance


Paris-Dauphine ranks among the world's top academic institutions for Mathematics and Finance according to the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy's 2017 survey.

Paris-Dauphine ranks #34 in mathematics in the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy's 2017 survey results published on June 28th. In Finance, Dauphine is the second highest-ranked French institution (#101/150 overall).  

Dauphine's excellent performance in Mathematics confirms the exceptional level of research carried out by Dauphine's CEREMADE-Center for Research in Decision Mathematics. CEREMADE's research team is world-caliber. Internationally prominent members include Pierre-Louis Lions, 1994 Fields Medal recipient, Cédric Villani, 2010 Fields Medal recipient,, and Yves Meyer, who won the 2017 Abel prize for his mathematical theory of wavelets, developed at CEREMADE. CEREMADE researchers publish in the field's top international reviews, participate in the editorial committees of the most prestigious international journals, and engage in collaborative research with prominent and talented researchers across the globe. The broad scope of topics that have recently received international acclaim are a case in point: analysis, probability, statistics, finance, economics, and game theory.

In the field of Finance, the 2017 ranking confirms Dauphine's prominence in the area of Management Research and its role as a French benchmark institution in Finance. More generally, the ranking recognizes DRM, the Dauphine Center for Research in Management's excellence in research and Dauphine's position as the #1 French university in management research. DRM plays a key role in Finance at Université Paris-Dauphine, both through excellence in research and the strong ties it maintains with the business community and civil society.

Finance is a fundamentally cross-disciplinary field that engages the university's 5 other research centers: law, economics, IT, mathematics and sociology. Dauphine's House of Finance, founded in 2015, federates all of the university's finance-related activities in a broad-based, multi-disciplinary approach to the field: some 90 permanent researchers, 30 Master's programs, 8 academic and research chairs and initiatives, and numerous corporate partners. The Annual House of Finance Days brings together a broad audience of top-flight academics, researchers, professionals, students and journalists, for 12 days of conferences, discussions, debates and exchange on the major issues and challenges facing the global financial sector today.

About the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities :

The ARWU ranks a total of 1,200 universities a year in 52 subjects divided into 5 major fields: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, and the Social Sciences. ARWU uses 5 objective indicators to rank world universities: the total number of faculty and graduates who have received Nobel Prizes or Fields Medals, the number of articles published in internationally recognized scholarly journals, the number of highly cited researchers selected by Thomson Reuters, the number of articles indexed in the Science Citation Index and/or the Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index, and a university's' per capita performance.  

About Université Paris-Dauphine

Université Paris-Dauphine is one of Europe's leading academic and research institutions in the Organization and Decision Sciences. Since it was founded in 1968, Paris-Dauphine has become an institution of reference for the French business community and has established long-term partnerships with 8 international corporations: Atalian, BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépôts, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole, Mazars, Natixis, and the Société Générale. Paris-Dauphine is recognized for:

  • Excellence in research: the quality and breath of the research carried out by the university's 6 research centers: CR2D - Law, DRM - Management, Lamsade -IT, Ceremade – Applied Mathematics, LEDa - Economics, IRISSO – Social Sciences
  • The quality and selectivity of its undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs
  • Its 80,000-strong alumni network, spanning the 5 continents, among whom numerous prominent entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.Université Paris-Dauphine occupies a unique position in French higher education. Recognized both by its domestic and international peers,

Paris-Dauphine is a member of France's Conférence des Grandes Écoles, the only EQUIS-accredited French university, and ranks among the world's top 50 universities for mathematics. Paris-Dauphine has significantly increased its international footprint by opening campuses abroad (Casablanca, London, Madrid, Mannheim, Shanghai, and Tunis), and by founding The Sigma Alliance, a distinctive institutional cooperative platform, that brings Dauphine together with other major players in the world of Management Universities: the Copenhagen Business School - Denmark, Fundação Getulio Vargas – Brazil, Singapore Management University, University of St. Gallen - Switzerland, Esade Barcelona – Spain, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien – Austria, Hitotsubashi University - Japan, and Renmin University - China.

Paris-Dauphine is also a founding member of PSL - Paris Sciences & Lettres Research University, a Community of 27 of France's top Paris-based academic and research institutions, including the École Normale Supérieure, Mines ParisTech, several prestigious art schools, and the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Today PSL represents 19,000 students, 4,600 faculty and researchers, and 178 research centers and laboratories. Paris Sciences & Lettres PSL placed #38 in the 2017 Times Higher Education's World University Reputation Rankings, making it the first French institution of higher education to reach THE's Top 50.

For more information, visit the Paris-Dauphine website:

About CEREMADE :  

CEREMADE, the Center for Research in Decision Mathematics, is a joint CNRS-Université Paris-Dauphine research center in Applied Mathematics. CEREMADE is dedicated to the study of mathematical applications for a broad range of sciences including economics, finance, image and signal processing, data analysis and classification theory, mathematical physics, mechanics, epidemiology, and astronomy. CEREMADE is particularly well known for its work on non-linear analysis in economics and finance, and in probability and statistics.

CEREMADE focuses its research on the applied mathematics in a broad range of disciplines: economics, finance, the social sciences, astronomy, mathematical physics, mechanics, quantum chemistry, imaging, data analysis, statistical learning, the neurosciences, biology and linguistics. CEREMADE researchers interact constantly with the business and economic communities, to ensure that their research remains pertinent to real-world needs.


In mathematics

  • 9 researchers have been elected to the Institut Universitaire de France: P. Bernard, D. Chafai, M. Gubinelli, E. Jouini, S. Mischler, C. Robert, F. Forges, E. Séré, and G. Turinici.
  • 4 researchers have received the highly competitive European Research Council Grants: P. Bernard, S. Olla, M. Lewin, G. Peyré.
  • Maria Esteban received Doctor Honoris Causa degrees from the Université du Pays Basque in 2016 for her work on mathematical analysis and from the Universidad de Valencia in 2017. She was inducted into the Real Sociedad Matemática Española in 2014, appointed Eisele Stiftung Fellow (Universität Stuttgart) in 2013 and SIAM Fellow in 2016.
  • Stéphane Mischler was made honorary member of the Sociedad Cubana de Matemática y Computación in 2016.

In statistics

  • Christian Robert was named ASA Fellow in 2013 and ISBA Fellow in 2014.
  • Judith Rousseau was named ISBA Fellow in 2014 and IMS Fellow in 2015. She received the Bernoulli Society's first Ethel Newbold Prize for excellence in statistics in 2015. She was a guest IMS Medallion Lecturer in 2017.
  • Aude Genevey, a 2nd year PhD student at Paris-Dauphine/CEREMADE, was awarded a 2017 Google PhD Fellowship for her work in the field of Statistical Learning Theory (machine learning).
  • Two CEREMADE researchers received Europlace Institute of Finance's SCOR Foundation Prize for the Best Young Researcher in Quantitative Finance: Bruno Bouchard, Professor of Mathematics, in 2013 and Dylan Possamai, lecturer in mathematics, in 2017.

For more information, visit the CEREMADE website:

About DRM : DRM, the Dauphine Center for Research in Management, is one of the principal French research centers in the field of Management. DRM is dedicated to theoretical and applied, quantitative and qualitative research in all areas of management including marketing, strategy, finance, organizational theory, human resource management, information systems, accounting, control, and audit.

DRM counts over 230 members including 75 faculty and CNRS researchers and 142 PhD students, who work in three focus areas: Finance, Marketing and Organization.


  • Y. Eser Arisoy was awarded PanAgora Asset Management's Cromwell Third Prize 2016 and was semi-finalist for the FMA's Pearson Prize for the Best Papers in Financial Management.
  • Marius Zoican was awarded the Federation of European Securities Exchanges' 2016 De La Vega Prize for his work on financial markets.
  • Tristan Roger was finalist for the Hillcrest Behavioral Finance Best Paper Award.
  • Thomas David and Edith Ginglinger received the 2016 EUROFIDAI data award for the best paper in Corporate Finance using EUROFIDAI data, for their paper entitled "When cutting dividends is not bad news: The case of optional stock dividends" published in the Journal of Corporate Finance 40 (2016) 174-191.

For more information, visit the DRM website: