Paris-Dauphine signs a framework agreement with ENA de Tunis to develop Executive Education programs for Tunisia’s senior civil servants


Elyès Jouini, Vice President Université Paris-Dauphine, and Abdellatif Hamam, Director of the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) de Tunis have signed a framework agreement to develop Executive Education programs for Tunisia’s senior civil servants.

The partnership between ENA de Tunis, known for its experience in training senior civil servants for Tunisia’s public administration, and Paris-Dauphine, recognized internationally for its academic excellence and already present in Tunisia via its Tunis campus, opens new perspectives for innovative projects and developing an extensive offer of high-level executive education programs.

The period of economic and institutional reform that followed Tunisia’s Arab Spring brought with it a need for new expertise and new ways of working, creating new challenges for Tunisia’s public administration. One of those challenges is developing life-long education programs for its senior civil servants: refresher and skill-building courses, and degree programs.

Paris-Dauphine, a member of Paris Sciences et Lettres University, will bring its educational expertise to the partnership by offering demanding, targeted programs developed in collaboration with ENA de Tunis, designed to meet Tunisia’s civil service’s knowledge and skill-building needs. The partnership’s goal is to train managers capable of inventing, coordinating, and managing the public sector’s modernization process: budgetary reform, transforming public policy assessment, human resource management, organizational change, etc.

The Framework Agreement is a ground-breaking partnership, one that creates lasting value in the area of public sector governance by co-developing innovative training and skill-building programs specifically tailored to the Tunisian context, and by opening up opportunities to export the model to other Maghreb and Sub-Saharan countries.

The partnership between Paris-Dauphine and ENA de Tunis will make it possible to undertake a wide range of strategic initiatives in education, skill-building, promotion, and teaching, based on new methods of governance and public administration. Our ultimate goal it is to improve public policy performance and efficacy. The agreement also covers the development of research and communications initiatives, as well as inter-institution student and faculty exchange.

For Isabelle Huault, President, Université Paris-Dauphine: “The Framework Agreement with the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) de Tunis should be seen against the background of Paris-Dauphine’s deep, lasting ties to Tunisia. Tunis was the university’s very first international campus, it was created with the intent of making it a regional hub of excellence in the organization and decision sciences. Today, Dauphine Tunis, with its excellent academic programs, plays a key role in promoting Tunisia internationally. The Framework Agreement is a welcome opportunity for Paris-Dauphine to further strengthen our ties with Tunisia and through it to participate in improving the Tunisian Public Administration’s continuing education system, revitalizing and renovating their teaching tools, and promoting expertise-sharing between our two institutions.

For Abdellatif HAMAM, Director of École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) de Tunis: “We are delighted to have signed the Framework Agreement with Université Paris-Dauphine. By combining a solid local footprint with international expertise, it will contribute to building Tunisian expertise in all areas of public governance.