Paris-Dauphine’s Academic Advisory service comes to London


Last November Paris-Dauphine’s Academic Advisory service (SCUIO-IP) set up shop for 2 days at our London campus.

The goal was to provide our London students with the same services as their Parisian peers. The 2-day program included a "How to Choose a Master’s Program" workshop for London’s first 3rd year Bachelor’s in Management class, and one-on-one sessions for all of the London Global Bachelor’s 2nd year students.

The workshop, led Charlotte Billon and Christophe Delevacq was designed to give students the information and tools they need to guide them in their choice of Master’s programs. The workshop was both rich and productive, particularly given the diversity of the 3rd year Bachelor’s cohort who hail from Dauphine Paris 2nd year Bachelors in the organization Sciences, from DUT programs, and from the GBD London program.

Jean Guivarch took the opportunity to continue the one-on-one sessions begun in October. An additional nineteen 2nd year GBD students had the opportunity to exchange and refine their academic project.