Peer mentoring : it’s about receiving and giving back


Fondation Paris-Dauphine’s Equal Opportunity Admissions program is an outreach program designed to prepare talented high school students from the Paris region’s priority education zones to apply to and succeed in university. The program includes skill-building classes for high school students and on-going support in university. The Peer Mentoring initiative, where students who came through the program mentor new Equal Opportunity Admissions students, is part of that support ecosystem. It’s an on-campus virtuous circle! Let’s hear what Inès and Chirine have to say about their experience:

You entered Paris-Dauphine one year apart. What did the Equal Opportunity Admissions program mean to you and how did it impact your academic orientation?

Inès: Even though I had a strong high school transcript, I had lacked confidence in my capacity to get into Paris-Dauphine. Thanks to the Equal Opportunity Admissions program and the program’s skill-building classes in my last year of high school, I gained the confidence I needed to succeed and I was accepted to Dauphine for my Freshman year.
Chirine: I looked into Paris-Dauphine three years before my Baccalaureate because I was interested in economics. But I was afraid to apply. The program made it possible for me to take additional mathematics, economics, English, and general culture classes. That gave me the confidence I needed to apply.

Inès, what made you decide to mentor Chirine?
: : I had a fantastic student mentor in my first year at Dauphine who helped me adapt quickly to an entirely new environment. Being able to count on someone who has “been through it” before me changed everything. With a year of experience behind me, I wanted to be able to provide that same support for someone else.

Chirine, how has Inès helped you?
: Inès shared information and helped me with classes. If I need assistance or support, I just call her and she is there for me. It’s very reassuring. We both participated in the same program, we are from the same background, and we face the same challenges: we understand each other! Today, we are members of the same student association and have developed a real friendship.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering for or making a donation to the Equal Opportunity Admissions program?
: I would tell them that the program gives us the support that many other students receive from their families. For example, some students whose parents are executives can count on them to help find their first job. That is not our case. But thanks to the program, we can create a solid network that will contribute to a successful career.
Inès: Volunteering and financial support for the program has a direct impact on our lives. The program provides to tools we need to succeed through academic skill building but also by expanding our general culture and our knowledge of the Arts via museum visits, the theater, the opera etc.

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