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Paris, April 11th 2014 – For students, finding available affordable housing in Paris and the surrounding suburbs is a serious challenge. The housing market is tight: demand is high, rents steep and the number of spaces available in student residences is limited.  Two years ago, Dauphine decided to make a particularly strong commitment to student housing and created Dauphine Logement, a "one-stop shop" for off-campus housing that connects landlords and tenants via a secure, transparent and user-friendly web platform.

The web site has proved efficient and offers a quality service based on best practices: landlords and tenants adhere to the Dauphine Logement Quality Charter (good rental practices, minimum surface, maximum rent…); all housing offers are validated by Dauphine Logement and published on the site only if they meet Quality Charter standards; access to housing offers is reserved exclusively for Dauphine students. Last year, 1,700 students visited the site and 450 landlords opened a Dauphine Logement account. We can boast numerous satisfied landlords as their testimonials demonstrate:

"Your site was really helpful. We rented our studio in just 3 days. Keep up the good work!"

 "The site worked very well for us! We rented our studio to a lovely young student…. She even found a replacement tenant when she left – what an excellent initiative – considerate and practical for us both!"

"The Dauphine foreign exchange student who is currently renting my studio is perfect. I decided to rent to a foreign exchange student because I trusted Dauphine's reputation."

To post a housing offer: visit us at: www.logement.dauphine.fr

Don't wait -  students are already beginning to look for their fall 2014 housing!

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