Portrait: Astrée Olivier, dancer and Bachelor's student in the DAUPHINE TALENTS program


Once a month, we showcase a champion athlete, performing artist or entrepreneur who is successfully advancing their career while studying at Paris-Dauphine thanks to the Dauphine Talents program. This month, we are proud to present Astrée Olivier.

Astrée OLIVIER, dancer

Astrée Olivier is currently a Ballet and Choreography student at The Rueil-Malmaison Regional Conservatory and a Bachelor's student at Université Paris-Dauphine. The Dauphine Talents program has made it possible for her to continue her training as a dancer and participate in numerous competitions throughout the year while preparing her Bachelor's degree.

"Ballet competitions are not always easy in terms of stress management; but it is important to confront the critiques of an independent jury. The competitions are also a opportunity to perform in public and reap the benefits of the real pleasure performing gives me."

Astrée immediate goal: pass the DE exam to qualify as a professional ballet teacher.
As for her studies at Paris-Dauphine, Astrée comments, "the best part of the Dauphine Talents program is the incredible richness that comes from the exchanges between athletes and performing artists. Dance is at the cross-roads between two disciplines and I share a lot with the athletes in the program (swimmers, gymnasts, golfers …) about warming up, fatigue, and about how the stress of dance competitions compares to that of championships."

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