Preparations for the 2018 Dauphine Alumni Directory are underway – send in your info updates now!


Its a valuable tool! Each year, Dauphine Alumni publishes a printed Alumni Directory that lists over 85,000 alumni, their university degree, year of graduation and contact information for dues-paying members who so desire. Here’s how:

Preparations for the 2018 Université Paris-Dauphine Alumni Directory are now underway.

We need your help to make the printed and online versions to be as complete and precise as possible. Please visit the Dauphine Alumni website ( and update your information as quickly as possible.

By sharing information about you career path, you contribute to maintaining a dynamic alumni network and help not only your fellow alumni but also the dauphine student body.

To make things easier, it is possible to link your LinkedIn account to your Dauphine profile. Of course, you can choose the professional and personal information you want to share with Paris-Dauphine.

Dauphine Alumni means Dauphine for life!