RandomCoffee, the startup that caught Facebook’s eye


This startup wants to build smart connections between employees of the same company. Launched in October and incubated at Paris-Dauphine, RandomCoffee has just joined Facebook’s Startup Garage at Station F.

As everyone who works for a company knows, once that company grows beyond 50 employees, it can be hard to remember all the names and faces.

In response to that challenge, Renaud Dorval, Sam Hassar and Ouadia Lasfar, all employees of Work4, developed a solution to encourage human interactions via RandomCoffee.
Their mission: to facilitate connections between people who would not normally cross paths. The platform encourages mingling across teams, floors, and even hierarchical levels.

Promising success

Since the three began to work full-time work on the project in January, RandomCoffee has already been adopted by some 15 companies, from major firms like GRDF and Henkel to smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees. The first results are already being felt: more collaboration and internal mobility, and less turnover. The American giant clearly got it right, selecting the startup to join its Startup Garage incubator based at Station F, along with about 10 other promising young companies.

Are you inspired by the idea of wellness at work? You’re just a click away: samping @ random-coffeepong.com or renaudping @ random-coffeepong.com