Rapprochement IRISSO/INRA: additional research capabilities in new areas of study


This past April, the 9 researchers and administrators from INRA's RiTME (Risk, Labor, Markets, Government) research center joined IRISSO, the Dauphine Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in the Social Sciences.

The RiTME team includes sociologists, historians and political scientists working on health and environmental risks, particularly in the areas of food and agriculture.

The team studies how risks are defined and regulated at various public policy decision-making levels. Their focus topics include: food safety and nutritional value, global food safety, regulation of toxic chemicals in agriculture, agricultural markets, and animal health policy, to name just a few. Through their strongly empirical surveys, the RiTME team brings critical insight to several areas of sociology: public policy, economics, and science policy.

For more information about INRA researchers' current work and publications, visit the IRISSO website and the Transhumances blog.