Shanghai internship: a contemporary, international approach to the notarial profession


As part of a Franco-Chinese initiative between notary professionals, the Conseil supérieur du notariat français offered 10 second year Master's students in Notarial Law a two-week internship at the Franco-Chinese Center for Law and Notarial Studies and Exchange in Shanghai.

The Center was founded in 2000 by the Conseil Supérieur du Notariat (the French national notary supervisory body) in partnership with the China Notaries' Association and the Shanghai Notaries' Association. It is both a center for legal and notarial training and a place where professionals from both countries can come together and exchange on issues regarding their profession. The Center engages in initiatives to further legal and notarial cooperation between France and China.

The internship opportunity was championed by Université Paris-Dauphine Master's 2 (213) in Notarial Law's co-directors, Anne KARM and Louis PERREAU-SAUSSINE, as well as the Master's in Notarial Law Association (ADN).

Baptiste LEMONNIER, currently enrolled in Dauphine's M2 (213) in Notarial Law was selected to participate in this first Shanghai internship from April 9th – 23rd 2016.

Interns attended conferences on leasing and on real-estate restrictions in Shanghai, and master-classes taught by professionals on a variety of subjects including real estate tax law, corporate tax law, and estate and inheritance tax law. They visited notarial firms, Shanghai's Institute of Law and Political Science, and attended a public civil hearing. Student interns met the Shanghai Notaries' Association, French notaries with practices in China, as well as French consular services and other industry professionals.

The goal of this intensive 2-week internship was to give participants a broad understanding of Chinese law and a clear idea of the differences and similarities between French and Chinese notarial law.

For the students, it was a unique opportunity to approach Chinese law with local practitioners. Participants discovered how forward looking and international the notarial profession has become and that it is now possible to imagine an international career abroad as a notary. More than one intern came home with new projects for the future!

To qualify as a French Notaire (Diplôme supérieur de notariat) Master's 2 graduates must complete a 2-year work-study program that includes a 6-month to 1-year internship. Shanghai could well be a destination of choice for that internship!

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