ShorTouch : keep a close eye on this Startup


Co-founded in 2015 by 2 Dauphine alumni, Allan and Antonella, ShorTouch is specialized in Big Analytics and Network Science. The Start-up has just been selected by the Vente Privée sales accelerator.

Launched in October 2015, ShorTouch is currently incubated at Dauphine's D-incubator. It is one of just 5 startups to have been selected by Vente-Privée's Fashion-Tech sales accelerator. ShorTouch will be setting up offices at the world's biggest start-up campus, "Station F" in Paris.

Six degrees of Separation

ShorTouch was born from the desire to associate networking and Data Science in order to offer individuals an innovative personal networking tool that increases productivity, facilitates success and simplifies everyday life. The startup team developed original software, in partnership with academics and mathematicians, directly inspired by Frigyes Karinthy's Six Degrees of Separation (also known as Six Handshakes) concept of 1929, according to which "any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries" (6 links in the chain). Shortouch's powerful Data Analytics tool is based on complex algorithms that make it possible to carry out a detailed visual analysis and optimize networks by identifying hidden links between members.

Interested in participating ?

ShorTouch is now launching Version 1 of its beta test: Try it out and get the most out of your network. What's the benefit? Thanks to ShorTouch's innovative optimal path recommendations, you will be able to go from COLD to WARM emailing and optimize each and every contact. ShoreTouch's solutions:

  • An address book that merges all your contacts from all your social media channels and emailing platforms into a single and unique ShorTouch address book, up-dated in real-time.
  • A powerful path-finding search engine to contact anyone (client, employer, investor …) by finding the best, most efficient path to targeted person.

Try the platform and let us know what you think ! Your recommendations and remarks are crucial to improving the solutions before market roll-out !

For more information Feel free to contact ShortTouch CEO Antonella whenever you like : antonellaping @

For information about ShorTouch's B2C, LRM (Lead Relation Management) solution :