Startup of the month: Vife gives a second life to your fine jewelry


Vife, a luxury jewelry startup, turns old, out of fashion, and mismatched pieces into contemporary luxury jewelry. Spotlight on this ambitious project developed with the support of Paris-Dauphine’s D-Incubator.

We all have old jewelry at the bottom of a drawer or in a safety deposit box at the bank. Where can we go to have it repurposed? Who can we trust? How to choose? What is a fair price?

Those are the questions that inspired Alexandre Sasso (ex Vente-Privée) and Stéphane Gotajner (ex Yahoo) to launch a startup devoted to recycling, or repurposing fine jewelry, a market totally abandoned by traditional market players.

Vife was launched in 2017, and benefits from Alexandre’s solid family expertise in antique jewelry and stone setting. After working together for several years at Canal+, the two founders decided to combine their jewelry and digital expertise. Their goal: offer jewelry-lovers a unique service via a platform that brings together traditional French jewelry savoir-faire, 3D printing, and the agility of the Web.

What is their priority over the coming months? Increase their website traffic and optimize conversion from the various jewelry sources. Are you interested in this project?
You can offer your support or … simply use their services!

Contact Alexandre and Stéphane by email: contactping @ or via their website:

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