Taxe d'apprentissage: Université Paris-Dauphine needs your support!


In 2017, over 1,500 business earmarked their taxe d’apprentissage for Paris-Dauphine, providing a significant percentage of the university’s own resources.

Their contributions provided much-needed financing for 4 of Dauphine’s strategic priorities:

  1. Intensify internationalization: international exchange for all, increase English-language course offering, improve how we welcome international students, etc.
  2. Support the university’s effort to adapt and innovate: in academics (new curriculum and content, new programs for today’s changing professions), in research (new research chairs), in career advisory (new initiatives to increase exchanges between students and businesses).
  3. Increase initiatives for social responsibility and community engagement: Dauphine’s Equal Opportunity Admissions, Disability Support, and Entrepreneurship programs…
  4. Accompany digital and urban transformation: implement new teaching formats (MOOCS, flipped classrooms, Fab Labs …), renovate the Paris campus, increase student housing opportunities close to campus…

You can help Paris-Dauphine by encouraging your employer to earmark the 2018 Taxe d’Apprentissage for Paris-Dauphine in Category A (degrees up to Baccalaureate + 2) and Category B (degrees B Baccalaureate + 3 or more).

We are counting on you!

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