The 2017 Dauphine Alumni Directory is in preparation – it's time to up-date your profile!


Whether you are a Paris-Dauphine Graduate or still a student, it's time to up-date your profile.

For all of you, graduates and current students alike, who participate or would like to participate in our incredible alumni network, please take a moment to up-date your profile and contact info by logging into your Dauphine Alumni account:

We encourage you to create, up-date, or complete your professional profile – it is a perfect way to make yourself known to the Dauphine community and, at the same time, it can help and inspire students preparing the same degree as you did.

To make updating easier, it is now possible to link your Dauphine Alumni account to your LinkedIn profile. You can also personalize your settings to choose which professional and personal information you would like to share with the Dauphine community.

Dauphine Alumni means Dauphine for Life!