The Dauphine TALENTS Bachelor's program now welcomes young entrepreneurs


The DAUPHINE TALENTS Bachelor's program, created three years ago to make it possible for top-level athletes, talented artists and performers to combine university studies with their athletic and artistic career obligations, now welcomes young entrepreneurs !

The Dauphine Talents program is a multidisciplinary Bachelor's program specially designed to accommodate students' artistic, athletic and entrepreneurial activities.

The program is completed over 3 academic years instead of 2 years for a standard DEGEAD Bachelor's.

Initially, the program was reserved for first and second year students preparing a Bachelor's in Organization Sciences.

The program has proven a resounding success with a steadily increasing number of applicants and program participants.

In response to success and to better meet student and candidate needs, the program has introduced three innovations for the 2016-2017 academic year :

  • Dauphine Talents is now open to students in Mathematics, Information Systems and Economics. They will benefit from personalized academic advisory with individual tutors throughout the duration of their studies.
  • The student body is more diverse : our entering class now includes actors and actresses.
  • And last but not least, the program is now open to Student Entrepreneurs. Thanks to the program, our young entrepreneurial talents will be able to complete their university studies while devoting all of the time and energy necessary to make their start-up projects a success. To qualify, students must be granted official "Student Entrepreneur" (Étudiant Entrepreneur) status by the PSL PEPITE steering committee, and have the status validated by the French Ministry of Education, Higher Learning and Research (MENESR).

Let's hear what the students themselves have to say :

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