The Paris-Dauphine University Library is developing a new learning tool: Fort BU (university library treasure hunt)


The University Library Learning Support Service is currently developing new learning tools. The concept is to rethink how we transmit and share information and documentary expertise by increasing exchanges and developing practical and game-based exercises.

In October 217, the Paris-Dauphine University Library launched an educational treasure hunt for Bachelor’s students, entitled Fort BU (after a famous French adventure style game show “Fort Boyard”). The game gave students the opportunity to discover or rediscover the library facilities and learn more about library services and collections. This is an excellent example of the Paris-Dauphine Library’s commitment to proactive, collaborative learning, in complete sync with Université Paris-Dauphine’s focus on innovative teaching.

The rules of the game are simple: 2 teams of 4 to 5 students have to solve solve riddles and challenges about the University library’s services and resources, for example: reserving a group study room, carry out online research, use the library’s automated lending machine, etc.

Each team has a separate set of challenges, they all move around the library facilities and search in the stacks. The team who completes all of its tasks first is the winner. The game lasts approximately 35 minutes, after which the teams regroup with the learning support staff for a debriefing and to analyze their experience.

Feedback has been very positive. Additional sessions of Fort BU will take place throughout the academic year. A shorter version of the game was also developed as part of a training session for Executive Master’s students.

These are just two examples of the University Library Learning Support Service’s ongoing effort to develop new learning tools in collaboration with the Paris-Dauphine faculty.