The Université Paris-Dauphine Library gets top grades for the excellent reception, information and guidance provided to library users in 2016


In a 2016 government satisfaction survey, France's university libraries ranked as the country's friendliest public service organizations. And Paris-Dauphine's library scores well above average.

The 2016 satisfaction survey carried out by the SGMAP, France's Secretariat-General for Government Modernization, confirms that the country's university libraries are making good on their commitment to improve the quality of their user-relations.

The Paris-Dauphine library scored 8.6/20, ranking 11th out of the 29 university libraries assessed in the survey. That puts Dauphine well above the national university average of 8.2/10, and even further ahead of the overall public service average of 7.2/10

The Dauphine Library was singled out for:

  • The care taken to provide users with clear and precise answers to their queries
  • The quality and comfort of the library's public spaces
  • The services provided to disabled users to assist them in using the library to the fullest

The Paris-Dauphine Library also carries out its own annual user survey on a variety of topics. The Dauphine survey generally goes beyond the scope of strict library services (documentation) in order to provide useful information to other Dauphine departments.

2016, the Dauphine Library surveyed users on their digital practices and on library opening-hours.

A synopsis of the survey results are available via the Dauphine Library website.