Three new student associations headquartered at Dauphine!


A warm welcome to three new student associations authorized to open their registered offices at Dauphine! They join the family of over thirty associations and clubs headquartered at Dauphine..

Who are they?

Two are new-comers directly or indirectly devoted to furthering sustainable development and social responsibility while the third organization is making a come-back at Dauphine!

Have a look:

Le Forum

Founded in 2012, Le Forum is an association devoted to promoting exchanges among Dauphine students in academics and extra-curricular activities. Le Association would like to take advantage of Dauphine students' diverse talents to organize: student mentoring and tutoring, master classes, clubs and events based on shared passions such as music or chess.

Already on the calendar: a wide range of tutoring, chess matches, Jam Sessions…..

Noise Dauphine

Inspired by Noise ESCP Europe, Noise Dauphine promotes social and environmental innovation by offering students the opportunity to make a difference at an individual level.

The association's goal is to inform, organize conferences and  participate in developing innovative solutions and projects such as student mentors/advisors for social entrepreneurs, a White Night uniting all university stakeholders and players in a brainstorming session on reinventing the French educational system.

Dauphine On Air

Dauphine's student Web-Radio is once again headquartered at Dauphine! Dauphine On Air follows the highlights of life at Dauphine: clubs and associations, festivities, cultural events, institutional events…….

Our new projects?

Working with Fondation Dauphine to develop a dedicated PSL radio with the launch of an inter-PSL General Culture competition.

All year long, Dauphine On Air broadcasts interviews with artists, curated playlists and now, open-mike free-radio time-slots!

Contact the associations to learn more about their up-coming activities and events!