Trust in Business and Society


Inaugural Conference for the Trust in Management Chair – with guest speakers Claudie Haigneré and Pascal Demurger.

Fondation Paris-Dauphine officially launched its most recent chair of excellence, the Trust in Management Chair, on September 27th with an inaugural conference attended by all of the chair's stakeholders and the public. The chair was created in early 2016 by Paris-Dauphine and the MAIF insurance group.

Fabien Blanchot and Eric Campoy, co-scientific directors of the chair, opened the conference by reminding the audience of the 4 essential ingredients that make a Chair: a well-defined field of research and teaching methods, a team, support from one or several corporate partners (in this case the MAIF group), and time (Dauphine chairs are funded for a minimum of 4 years).

Dauphine's Trust in Management Chair will focus on 4 main issues:

  • How does trust effect management and what are the effects of trust-based management? What do they mean?
  • What creates trust and how does one develop trust in a broad range of contexts?
  • What are the mechanisms that undermine trust (failure mechanisms) and how can one rebuild trust one is has been lost?
  • How does one develop a culture of trust?

The inaugural conference on Trust in Business and Society brought together two eminent speakers: Claudie Haigneré, physician, scientist, astronaut, former minister and executive, and Pascal Demurger, Managing Director, MAIF.

Pascal Demurger and Claudie Haigneré shared their perspectives on three key issues:

  • Is trust an important ingredient in the workplace?
  • Do one's view of and relationship to trust differ depending on position and/or function?
  • Does one's view of and relationship to trust evolve over time as one advances in their career?

For more information and videos of the conference: visit the Chair's website.