Two Paris-Dauphine researchers awarded CNRS Medals for their work in the field of IT


The CNRS has awarded Silver and Bronze Medals, respectively, to Jérôme Lang and Eunjung Kim, researchers at LAMSADE, the Dauphine Center for Research in Decision Systems Analysis and Modeling.

For the first time since the awards were created in 1954, the CNRS has chosen to honor two researchers from the same research center, working in the same field.

Jérôme Lang, CNRS Silver Medal recipient

Jérôme Lang is a CNRS Senior Research Fellow (Directeur de Recherche) specialized in artificial intelligence, logic and IT. His work focuses on:

  • Computational social choice: voting, fair division, coalition formation, judgment aggregation
  • Knowledge representation: reasoning about action, belief change, reasoning under uncertainty
  • Knowledge-based planning
  • Preference representation

Dr. Lang holds a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences from the Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse (1991). He has published numerous articles in international scientific journals, the proceedings of international conferences, books and collective publications. He is currently Associate Editor of the Artificial Intelligence Journal and the Journal of Autonomous Agents & Multi-Agent Systems, and is a member of the Advisory Committee of the Journal of Artificial intelligence Research.

The CNRS Silver Medal honors researchers recognized nationally and internationally for the originality, quality, and importance of their work.

Eunjung Kim, CNRS Bronze Medal recipient

Eunjung Kim is a CNRS Junior Research Fellow (Chargée de recherche) in LAMSADE's Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms and Data team. Her research focuses on:

  • Fixed-Parameter Algorithms and lower bounds
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems
  • Graph Theory and structure and width parameters

Eunjung Kim holds a PhD in Theoretical IT from Royal Holloway, University of London. She has published numerous articles in leading scientific journals pursuant to her talks at international scientific conferences.

The CNRS Bronze Medal is awarded in recognition of a researcher's first work, which makes that person a talented specialist in a particular field. Its goal is to encourage recipients to pursue research that is well on-track and has already proven fruitful.

LAMSADE, the Dauphine Center for Research in Decision Systems Analysis and Modeling

Founded in 1974, LAMSADE is one of the rare research centers in Europe to take a purely scientific approach to IT and the Decision Sciences. LAMSADE carries out broad-based research: from decision process analysis to decision under uncertainty and/or conflict, from optimization algorithms and methods to processing Big Data, from formalized reasoning to knowledge representation, and from the analysis of collective decision making and game theory to IT engineering.

LAMSADE is recognized internationally as a research center that "creates international communities" and promotes a cross-disciplinary approach to research in the decision sciences. Application areas for LAMSADE's work are vast and diverse: transportation planning and scheduling, tender offer assessment, innovative conceptual support for policy-makers in the area of telecommunications networks, assessing public health services, assessing sensor arrays, risk management, and many more. The center's work contributes to developing pertinent responses to the many socio-economic challenges of today's world.