Workshop: Accelerate your career thanks to LinkedIn 2017


Dauphine's Alumni's Career Mobility pole has just organized two LinkedIn workshops lead by Stéphane Loiret, President of Décider/Agir, consultants in career progression for top executives.

In just 13 years, LinkedIn has become the world's top business and employment-oriented social network, with over 470 million accounts. LinkedIn is now an essential career accelerator for top executives in the know. The latest interface update (currently being rolled out) offers numerous new features that you will need to know if you want to remain visible on the Net and make the most of available opportunities.

360-degree overview

The workshops covered a lot of ground including an overview of business and employment-oriented social networks and LinkedIn's unique position, how to optimize your profile on the 2017 version, and how to develop a strategy for using this new version to create new and more numerous professional opportunities.

Participants were enthusiastic about their experience calling the workshops "useful, practical, pertinent, and of excellent quality; lead by a caring and generous individual."

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