Paris-Dauphine founding member of PSL

Université PSL

Excellence, cross-disciplinarity and creativity form the backbone of Université PSL. Created in 2011 and awarded “Investments for the Future” funding from the French government, PSL encompasses a rich array of prestigious schools and institutions that in celebration of their historical relationships and their cultural and geographic proximity decided to together create a new university that promotes breakthrough thinking and the spirit of experimentation.

Knowledge forms the foundation of all of contemporary society’s great transformations. PSL’s students, researchers and faculty are actors in a globalized world. Aware of their individual and collective social responsibility, they are eager to contribute to transforming society through their ideas, discoveries, and innovations. PSL is educating the leaders of tomorrow: scholars, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, executives.

Université PSL offers an ideal environment for the development of academic excellence, creation and innovation: 4,500 researchers, 181 laboratories, 17,000 students and a dozen of incubators, fab-labs and co-working spaces for students and entrepreneurs in the heart of Paris. Arts, sciences and engineering are at the core of its intellectual and scientific ambition.

PSL provides a world-class academic environment where disciplines intersect, mutually enhancing intellectual pursuits, where basic and applied research go hand-in-hand, and where universities and the corporate world interact. Freedom of thought and entrepreneurial spirit flourish among PSL’s many resources for exploring new fields, building innovative curricula, creating startups (40 on average per year), and disseminating knowledge to the public at large (22 million courses and lectures downloaded to date).

As a global selective university, rooted in interdisciplinarity and committed to promoting talents and defending equal opportunity, PSL creates the world of tomorrow.