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Today, democracies are undergoing profound mutations, as evidenced by well-known trends such as New Technologies, Big Data, the environmental transition, climate change, sustainable development, rising poverty, insecurity, and market instability, and a broad range of inequalities.
To manage these mutations, we will need a new approach to public affairs and the players that organize our societies.

Paris-Dauphine’s position as a leading international institution in the Organization and Decision Sciences, and the university’s multidisciplinary approach to research and curriculum make a natural player in the Public Affairs sphere.

The House of Public Affairs was launched in January 2017. Its immediate goal is to raise awareness and understanding of Public Affairs as a field and promote the university’s unique expertise in the area by engaging in cross-disciplinary academic and research initiatives, and by building as many bridges as possible with the public sector and its players.

Our activities include joint conferences, better understanding public policy via research, opening up new areas of exploration for our research teams, training decision-makers, developing curriculum tailored to students interested in working in or with the public sector, as well as a wide range of collaborative initiatives.

In broader terms, we hope to contribute to developing solutions to the critical challenges that face our democracies today.

The House of Public Affairs has already built strong ties to key French public institutions with which we entertain relationships of trust.

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House of Public Affairs

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House of Public Affairs

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House of Public Affairs

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