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As everyone who works for a company knows, once that company grows beyond 50 employees, it can be hard to remember all the names and faces. In response to that challenge, Renaud Dorval, Sam Hassar and Ouadia Lasfar, all employees of Work4, developed a solution to encourage human interactions via RandomCoffee.
Their mission: to facilitate connections between people who would not normally cross paths. The platform encourages mingling across teams, floors, and even hierarchical levels.

Promising success

Since the three began to work full-time work on the project in January, RandomCoffee has already been adopted by some 15 companies, from major firms like GRDF and Henkel to smaller companies with fewer than 100 employees. The first results are already being felt: more collaboration and internal mobility, and less turnover. The American giant clearly got it right, selecting the startup to join its Startup Garage incubator based at Station F, along with about 10 other promising young companies. Are you inspired by the idea of wellness at work? You’re just a click away: or]]>
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European Journalism Centre and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recognize two students from Institut Pratique du Journalisme ]]>

Each year, the Global Health Journalism Grant Programme for France recognizes 10 reporting projects that raise public awareness about global health challenges that receive relatively little media coverage. The investigation by Aurélie Franc and Camille Rioual focused on efforts to fight sickle-cell anemia in Burkina Faso. Although millions of people are likely affected by the disease, it remains little known and infrequently detected in many West African countries. To make up for this, Burkina Faso, where it is estimated that 2% of the population is affected by sickle cell, launched a pilot project for neonatal screening in 2015. The report by the two students includes coverage of this pioneering initiative by four of the country’s maternity wards. The winning reports will be published in a variety of media such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Paris Match, and by pure players like SlateLoopsider and The Conversation. To learn more, click here.]]> Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:00:00 +0200
Paris-Dauphine launches second session of its MOOC on evaluating public policy ]]>

How do you measure the effectiveness of a policy? In a context dominated by growing expectations for the performance of public spending, decision-makers and agents responsible for implementing public policy must be educated about the problems posed by impact measurements and the methods developed to solve them.
This need is equally apparent in developing countries. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires educating both national and international experts about techniques and requirements for impact assessment. The course is designed for people involved in public policy and international aid, from economics researchers to social science specialists. The MOOC is given in French and presents the various methods for assessing the impact of public policy, which have developed significantly at the academic level in the past 10 years. These methods are now used by many institutions to evaluate the performance of the policies or projects they promote and finance. Interested in the topic? Do you have a solid background in statistical analysis and a desire to learn the basics of impact assessment? Register now! 
To learn more, meet the teaching team, and register, 
click here. Online courses last 6 weeks and begin Monday, October 1, 2018.
New: practical case studies will be given throughout the session.
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World’s largest financial mathematics conference recognizes Paris-Dauphine PhD student ]]>

It happened on July 19 at Trinity College in Dublin, at the 10th World Congress of the Bachelier Finance Society, the largest mathematics conference, held every two years in a major economic capital. The Science Committee recognized the two young researchers for their article entitled "Multi-factor approximation of rough volatility models". Eduardo Abi Jaber is a PhD student at CEMERADE under the supervision of Bruno Bouchard. Their work involves characterizing viability for diffusion processes and affine rough models. It has already obtained significant results on the existence, Markovian representation, and digital approximation of such processes. To learn more about the Bachelier Finance Society, click here.]]> Tue, 21 Aug 2018 10:00:00 +0200
Seventy students admitted to the Equal Opportunities program for the 2018 fall session ]]>

The program is designed to ensure greater access to higher education for young people from so-called “sensitive” areas. With help from capacity-building courses they attended at the secondary level, these students meet all the requisite academic standards for admission to Paris-Dauphine. The Equal Opportunities Committee, which uses a range of criteria in addition to course marks when reviewing student applications, selected 70 students out of 200 applicants in all. Those students were chosen on the basis of their participation in capacity-building courses, their motivation and progress, assessments by teachers and extracurricular activities. Those who decide to enroll at Paris-Dauphine will be entitled to comprehensive support, including a special workshop conducted prior to the academic year and an array of cultural, instructional and career activities for filling in any gaps in their background. They can also be sponsored by other students, instructors or alumni.  Learn more at Equal Opportunities program ]]> Wed, 15 Aug 2018 10:00:00 +0200
The Paris-Dauphine library launches QoRAil, a new online document help tool ]]>

QoRAil is a free service for users in France, designed for anyone conducting document searches in the fields of economics and business management for research or professional purposes. What resources would you recommend for writing my thesis on X? Where can I find the academic literature on the topic of Y? I’m conducting market research in the area of Z: whatever your document needs, the librarians at Paris-Dauphine will provide an answer within three business days. Based on your query, librarians can suggest the most relevant search expressions with keywords in French and English, to ensure you get more results. Those avenues for research are backed by bibliographical references that draw on a variety of sources, both fee-based (such as subscription databases) and free (Open Access, institutional websites, blogs), depending on the requester’s profile. To learn more, visit QoRAiL.]]> Tue, 14 Aug 2018 10:00:00 +0200
Paris-Dauphine EDBA again among the world's best Doctorates in Business Administration ]]>

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Dauphine Alumni launches Club Stratégie Défense ]]>

Its stated objective is to develop and promote thinking about defense issues and civic-mindedness within the university. By launching this new club, he hopes to expand the effort into the alumni community and encourage dialogue between students and professionals.
To that end, the Vice President of the DSD association will be an integral part of the club’s team.

Rich and varied programming

The Club Stratégie Défense, in partnership with DSD, hopes to host multiple events such as lectures, workshops, and visits in the field of defense, on a variety of topics such as geopolitics, armies, economic defense, and aerospace. The club also wishes to encourage thinking about commitment and civic responsibility. Another major area of development will be holding regular happy hour type events to build connections between students interested in defense issues and professionals who graduated from Paris-Dauphine and either work or are interested in the sector. In addition, articles, event reports, and dissertation abstracts will be published in the DSD site in partnership with the club. A kickoff weekend touching on one or more defense-related topics is also slated for the coming year. Stay tuned... If you would like to share an idea with the team, contribute to the development of their plans, or simply keep up with the latest news, visit the Dauphine Alumni site to join the club! Contact:]]>
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