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Martins-da-Rocha V. Filipe

Directeur de recherche CNRS

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Bureau : P 147
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Dernières publications


Braido L., Martins-da-Rocha V-F. (2018), Output contingent securities and efficient investment by firms, International Economic Review, vol. 59, n°2, p. 989-1012

Martins-da-Rocha F., Vailakis Y. (2017), Borrowing in excess of natural ability to repay, Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 23, p. 42-59

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Martins-da-Rocha F. (2010), Interim efficiency with MEU-preferences, Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 145, n°5, p. 1987-2017

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Prépublications / Cahiers de recherche

Martins-da-Rocha V-F., Triki L. (2004), Equilibria in exchange economies with financial constraints: Beyond the Cass Trick, Paris, Cahiers du CEREMADE, 19 p.

Martins-da-Rocha V-F., Cornet B. (2004), Fatou's Lemma for Unbounded Gelfand Integrable Mappings, Paris, Cahiers du CEREMADE, 17 p.

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