"Does Capitalism lead to rising inequality?"

BBC World Service

Université PARIS-DAUPHINE & BBC World Service Invite you to a recording of the BBC's Simon Jack in conversation with Thomas Piketty on June 19th 2014

Please join the BBC World Service and Université PARIS-DAUPHINE for another instalment in our popular discussion series with the world’s biggest economic minds. On 19th June 14 , Simon Jack sits down with Thomas Piketty, whose best-selling book ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ rocked the economic world with its arguments about the rise of inequality . Come and be a part of a live audience to understand more about Piketty’s theories, and what they say about our developing perceptions of wealth, tax, and modern capitalism.

From 6:15 PM to 8:00 PM

  • At Université Paris-Dauphine
  • Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny Paris 75016
  • in the Edgar Faure Lecture Hall, 2nd floor main entrance 


  • RER line C Avenue Foch station
  • Metro Line 2 Porte Dauphine station

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Who is Thomas Piketty?

  • Thomas Piketty is Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics and at EHESS
  • He is the author of numerous articles published in journals such as the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of Political Economy, the American Economic Review and the Review of Economic Studies, and of a dozen books.
  • He has done major historical and theoretical work on the interplay between economic development and the distribution of income and wealth. In particular, he is the initiator of the recent literature on the long run evolution of top income shares in national income (now available in the World Top Incomes Database). These works have led to radically question the optimistic relationship between development and inequality posited by Kuznets, and to emphasize the role of political and fiscal institutions in the historical evolution of income and wealth distribution.
  • His latest book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, first published in France 2013, is world-renown. Its 2014 publication in English by Harvard University Press sparked significant public debate in the United States and in Europe. According to the Nobel in Economic, Paul Krugman, this book is "the most important publication of the year – and perhaps of the last ten years......the book will change both the way think about society and the way we do economics. We will never again talk about wealth and inequality in the same way”

His past positions :

  • Graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS)
  • He holds a PhD in economics. His thesis, entitled 'An Essay on the Theory of Wealth Distribution' was awarded the French Association of Economics prize for the best thesis presented in 1993
  • Specialized in the study of economic inequality, and focuses on the historic and comparative aspects of the subject
  • Played a key role in founding the Paris School of Economics and served as the schools first Director
  • Director of Research at the EHESS (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales)
  • Recipient of the 2002 Prize for the Best Young French Economist and the 2013 Yrjö Jahnsson Prize

His latest articles in English :

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