The widely acclaimed Dauphine-Trajectoire program celebrates its first birthday


LSO's "DAUPHINE-TRAJECTOIRES" is an original, innovative program built around soft skills – a focus that makes it a favorite with students

The program is designed to provide students with time and space for discovery and experimentation, and an opportunity for self-discovery. The program consists of two tutorial seminars, led by specialized coaches, where students learn to present themselves and to identify their strengths and skills, to reflect collectively on the importance of emotional intelligence, and to share their views on what it means to be successful.

What makes the program special? To encourage participants to share and to engage in collective thinking, the tutorials take place in a totally interactive, connected auditorium specially equipped by Dauphine's IT department. Students exchange in a "safe space" where attentiveness, consideration and respect prevail.

New Horizons

A "Dauphine-Trajectoires" session focusing on interpersonal skills will be offered to 2nd year Bachelor's students at our main Paris campus in the Fall (for the 2017-18 academic year. Some of the topics to be addressed: how to provide successful feed-back, and how to defuse conflicts. The program is already in place at our London campus and will be extended to our Tunis campus in the near future.

Contact: Catherine Chouard – senior advisor soft skills - catherine.chouard @