Paris-Dauphine's houses

Both drivers and catalysts, Université Paris-Dauphine’s “Houses” unite faculty and researchers, their efforts and energies, around key fields.

The Houses mirror the university’s strong position in its core fields of expertise, where faculty, researchers and practicing professionals join together in a multidisciplinary approach that combines academics, research, and real-world experience.
The Houses were conceived as unique collaborative eco-systems where faculty, researchers, students, and our corporate partners work together on cross-disciplinary subjects of common concern, develop robust partnerships with the professional community, and contribute to strengthening Dauphine's position as one of the world’s leading universities in its fields.

Launched in 2015, the Dauphine Houses initiative now counts 2 members: The House of Finance and the House of Public Affairs.

The House of Finance is Université Paris-Dauphine’s Pole of Excellence in Finance. Inaugurated in 2015, it is a key component of the university’s strategic commitment to implementing new organizational models, and fostering and developing long-term partnerships with members of the economic and academic communities.

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House of Public Affairs

The House of Public Affairs was launched in January 2017. Its goal it to raise awareness and understanding of Public Affairs as a field and promote the university’s unique expertise in the area by engaging in cross-disciplinary academic and research initiatives, and by building as many bridges as possible with the public sector and its players.

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