Message from the President

The Alumni network: an essential ingredient for success

Dauphine, as prestigious as it is, would not exist without you, our vast network of alumni, friends and supporters. 

The Dauphine Administration, faculty and staff work unflaggingly to maintain and strengthen our position among the top-ranking universities and institutions worldwide.

Our goals, shared by the tens of thousands of Dauphine alumni and supporters, are both ambitious and realistic.

Dauphine is there for you throughout your career and in return we know we can count on your support. 

Stay connected  - Stay involved!

The more we work together, the more committed the network, the stronger Dauphine will be!

Join the Alumni network and remain an active member of the Dauphine family!

This section of our web site is designed to provide you with all you need to:

  • join one of our alumni associations
  • take advantage of our Executive Education programs
  • access library services and athletic facilities
  • recruit Dauphine alumni
  • support Dauphine through the Dauphine Foundation or by earmarking your taxe d'apprentissage for Dauphine.